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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  February 13, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PST

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i am phil matier we have a lot of newtalk to cover. we will speak with san francisco state professor just back from egypt about growing up in that country under the mubarak regime. also state senator mark leno coming in. >> how they play the game of chess over there in sacramento and the latest overnight developments from egypt let's start there. the military leaders there have dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution that came within the last hour. that meets two key demands of protestors, people are streaming back into tahrir square not in the same massive number as last week. earlier the army tried to restore order removing tents, cars are moving through the area, into downtown cairo as they dissolved parliament, military leaders said they will run the country for six months
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or until presidential and parliamentary elections can be held. they are formling a committee to amend -- forming a committee to amend the constitution and set rules for a popular referendum to endorse those. meanwhile obama administration is trying to figure out the composition of the military council in charge. who is in charge? who is handling diplomacy. >> one american official said it is something to figure out on pecking order, the first high level contact since mubarak's resigning yesterday. while things get sorted out, they are contacting every foreign minister in the arab world trying to get a fix on things. meanwhile a prominent republican voice is criticizing the way president obama is handling egypt, he called mr. obama weak and indecisive.
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he said the administrations approach has been hesitant, inconsistant. confused and plain wrong. there should be more emphasis on protecting friends and allies. bolten made those comments in washington. chanting and colorful egyptian flags in san francisco where hundreds of egyptian americans and supporters gathered at united nations plaza. their message calling on egypt to reform its government, ensure human rights protection for its people. some egyptian americans have mixed feelings about the recent events in egypt. >> many say they are glad mubarak has resigned but some are worried about the uncertainty over what comes next. >> reporter: in this coptic
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orthodox church in hayward, mixed reaction to the revolution >> awesome day >> i wasn't sure if it was the right thing we were doing. >> so exciting, very emotional. >> we are not so excited because of the sudden change. >> reporter: right now the future is unknown as the country gets the chance to elect its own new leader. >> we are looking for nonreligious. >> reporter: he is afraid the new government could be run by extremists. >> we have a lot of strong personalities. >> reporter: egyptians in america and abroad don't know what the future will look like >> you can't wish the exact american you know lifestyle on a country that is so different. >> after all now comes the real work. >> reporter: thousand she has been in the u.s. for 22 years, she knows egypt well >> i lived very close to where
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all the action was and very close to tahrir square. >> reporter: watching history unfold was nothing short of amazing. >> we are very excited, very happy, looking forward to great future for egypt it is our country we love it. >> reporter: but love can breed concern. >> we are worried. on the surface, it is celebration and hope, for freedom, but we never know. >> we are happy for the people because they are -- you know they have finally tasted the freedom they have always wanted but we are also praying that the new phase that comes in will be better. >> reporter: it was interesting because we have seen a lot of jubilation on television everybody celebrating and cheering but a lot of the folks there and of course it was an orthodox church they wanted their opinions out there. people were coming up to me saying are you taking any more
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interviews. they wanted people to know they had concern. >> what was the concern, coptic christians are a minority in egypt, are they afraid it might be a situation like iran and iraq. >> they are afraid muslim extremists could run the country and also their peace deal with israel. there are so many unknowns out there, just plenty to be concerned about while there is plenty to be excited about. >> all right the big developments in egypt will be the focus on face the nation as well with bob schiffer including senator mccain. it will be 8:30 a.m. after this newscast on cbs 5. >> in motion can he, six people are dead in guadalajara after armed men attacked a night club popular with young people in the last few months the picturesque city has been the site of escalating fights with
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drug cartel. two groups got in a fight inside the club, one group left and came back and sprayed the club with bullets. someone through a grenade through the entrance. 37 people were hurt in addition to 6 people killed. tomorrow president obama will unvail his budget for 2012 there will be sharp differences between his approach and house republicans he is seeking $53 billion for high speed rail. republicans want to rescind 2.5 billion. he wants to increase funding for race to the top initiative republicans want to cut 5% from schools serving disadvantaged we have a big battle looming. speaking of battles there appears to be one in the bart board that is the bay area's commuter rail system. bart board directors remains unclear after a vote was held
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behind closed doors earlier this week who is in charge. bart directors voted 5-4 requesting resignation of the general manager, dorothy dugger. was it legal. prior to voting, board members should have placed the item on the agenda and given dugger 24 hours written notice. some say shellacked communication skills and leadership but still remains general manager. it is a touchy situation we will see how it develops. it appears the body of the man suspected of kidnapping a 4- year-old central california boy has been found. early yesterday morning an employee with the water authority noticed a body floating in the canal near patterson. stanes law county sheriff's department say it matches that of row say rodriguez -- joe say
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rodriguez. family and friends recently celebrated the boy's short life during a memorial. >> although his life was short it was very joyous. and filled with love. each and every day. >> that was his mother you just heard from. his body was found in the same canal, february 1st, witnesses say they saw a car matching the description of the kidnappers plunge into the canal the night of the kidnapping. >> four people were hospitalized in san francisco after someone sprayed pepper spray at a turnstile entrance at a transit station it happened before 6:30 p.m. last night powell street muni station. san francisco police officers responded closing down the station briefly to investigate. no one was injured but two station attendants and two by standers were taken to hospital as a precaution a spokesman for
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muni could not confirm if arrests were made. health experts are trying to figure out what made dozens sick after an event at the play boy mansion. county officials contacted everyone who attended a fund raiser on february 3rd. there have been reports several of them had breathing problems including pneumonia. after the event one attendee was six for the next 5 days with fiver, cough, headaches, and back spasms. play boy reps are not commenting except to say they are co-operate being l.a. county health department. another hollywood news, betty garrett died in a los angeles hospital she starred on broadway early in her career and on film she was paired up with frank sinatra. then her career got sidetracked by the mccarthy era, hollywood blacklist she revived it on tv playing the bunkers neighbor
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chinese new year festivities... on santana row, in san jose. revelers yesterday were treated >> >> chinese new year festivities on santana row, san jose, revelers treated to the sound of drum beats, dragon and lion
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dances. new years floats circled the entertainment and shopping mecca to usher in the year of the rabbit. and we have the chinese new years parade going on here in san francisco next weekend. >> how is it looking so far jim? >> san jose is looking good. yesterday warm, sunny skies prevailed throughout the day, fog out there, temperatures cooling down as a result back to near normal, next weekend, that could be soggy from the list of things as we see mostly cloudy around the bay, as we have some fog existing along the waterfront, out at our mount vacca cam, haze lingering there, mid- to upper level clouds, beginning to move into the area, back to the golden gate we go, and we see the fog lingering there as well. no big surprise. this time of the morning we will look for that to burn off through the afternoon or lift a little bit we will hang on to patches of fog around the bay but the most notable effect is
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cooler temperatures back to near normal that will put us mid-to low 60s in and around the bay, hot spot around the interior, enjoy a little more sunshine, look for upper 60s. low 70s. 2 degrees cooler than yesterday. the pattern beginning to change, storm track still going by to our north however it is beginning to move south. you will see it crossing the border yesterday, moving in to north earn california, headed in our direction by tomorrow morning with more cloud and a chance of rain, developing early tomorrow but i think there will be more clouds than rain. the first wave will be second wave behind this system which will arrive tuesday into wednesday better chance of some me injuriable precipitation out of that one as -- measurable precipitation out of that one. we will look for rain to hit the rainfall buckets. tomorrow night, moving into the area, that is the first wave most of the rain to the north. then come early tuesday, begin
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to see the next one approach from the north bay crossing into the bay area, tuesday evening into wednesday could leave an inch or two of rain across the region. from the looks of things here it has been awhile since we have seen a system look that potent across the bay area. a look at rainfall totals for this date and as you can see it is time we got busy again here as our six week break comes to an end, we are in the 90s percentile, a good place to be but after all the season to be collecting rainfall across california and hopefully we will be back to that through most of next week. cooling trend, mid-to low 60s. most locations cooler at the water upper 60s. low 60s prevailing across the peninsula stretching down here taking a look at at&t cloudier and cooler, a couple degrees down into the low 60s, seven-
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day forecast creates a soggy week beginning tomorrow lots of cloud more rain developing through mid-weekend. scattered showers on and off through the end of the week into next weekend as the pattern shifting back to a little more winter like for this time of year. >> going to be something refreshing about that. >> change is always good. >> gets you through sunday. and starts happening. >> thanks jim. >> >> reporter: ing now to the winds of change blowing through egypt. a local professor who spent a lot of time in cairo. >> she grew up there and attended university there. she is at san francisco state now. i asked her what it was like living under the day today regime of mubarak and where the country is on the streets not necessarily what we were seeing the satellite photos out of the square. what was life like in the year she was growing up let's listen. >> it was a secure state.
7:47 am
it was overly secure the kind of state everyone knew they were being monitored, watched and that the state was a massive presence in every day life. >> was it a safe place? did people have jobs? was life normal for the average person if you were not politically active? >> it was however we always knew there was an atmosphere of political repression. we knew growing up that it would be difficult for us to form political parties actually impossible. >> one thing i find interesting about the egypt situation are we talking about a political revolution or economic upheaval? are people -- or the birth of an islamic republic? do they want ayatollahs or iphones? >> i would say if given a choice they would choose iphones because most people
7:48 am
want economic opportunity. this is really to a large extent about poverty and unemployment the economic factor is huge now the political factor is also significant as well but there are no massive calls for an islamic republic this is not 1979 iran but i do bereave in future, coalition government, the muslim brotherhood will play a significant role. >> we hear a lot about the muslim brother hood here in the united states whenever we hear muslim and brother hood we think al qaeda. let's get honst about that. is that who they are? >> absolutely not. they have pretty much very little to do with each other. al qaeda is a group of -- a global network of people who would like to bring down the united states they are
7:49 am
addressing u.s. imperialism around the world where as the muslim brother hood is focused on egypt and political reform from within. >> one of the things when we see a dictator go whether it be yugoslavia or any where, tension seems to rise between various minority factions in a country. egypt for example has a coptic christian community and other groups how have they faired under mubarak could things go south as far as that society goes? >> it has been a contentious issue because egyptian coptic christians have faced serious discrimination. egyptian government requires your religion put on your international id like putting your religion on your drivers license. egyptian state puts emphasis on religion in essence it is
7:50 am
saying it matters what your religion is. almost like america's obsession with race on surveys and stuff wanting to know what race you are like it really matters in egypt it does. >> that was one of your concerns you heard yesterday in hayward. >> that's right at the coptic christian church people were saying they would like to see a totally nonsecular government where all religions were accepted but don't know if that is going to be possible. >> no, history takes its own course we sit and watch it and report it but don't get to say which way it goes. >> we will let you know how it unfolds, six.s. >> military we will see what they do. why don't we bring it back to the bay area, change the topic and talk about something i am interested in. >> lighter the golf tournament that is as much about the comedy as the game >> celebrity mischief at
7:51 am
pebble beach why one big star is being accused of theft [ son ] my parents always lived in the states, until my dad transferred to istanbul.
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breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. you know a big part of the fun at pebble beach is watching the celebrities. >> and some of their
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shenanigans. >> that's right. >> i will take it away. some of the actions yesterday. bill murray is always up to something with murray there is no guarantee the shoe he took was returned. >> ray romano his tee shot landed on the green. that was successful and he handed out 20s to several kids in the crowds some very lucky kids are they going to spend those? >> you better believe it. >> now for actual sporting action, kim coyle with a sports update. good morning everyone finals are set at sap open, last year's champ taking on milos. steve marino is 18 holes from his first career win. he remains on top of the leader board. mulder and walker are 1 shot back. >> st. mary's out scored usf by
7:55 am
16 points, 86-68 to take a two game lead with 3 to play. >> stanford gives up a season high, 87 points has to settle for the split up in washington huskies beat the cardinal, 87- 76. santa clara erased a 7 point deficit, rockmore knocks down the go ahead 3 to win number 16 for broncos. >> kurt busch takes the checkered flag thanks to denny hamlin going below the yellow line. at noon final round coverage of the pebblele beach pro am. >> okay in other college basketball action, san jose state, 84-76 nevada, california lost at washington state 75-71 hockey action the sharks are in florida this afternoon.
7:56 am
>> always makes me laugh places like florida have a hockey team. >> some bay area nature lovers are having a whale of a time. >> a rare sighting off the bay area coast when weekend early addition returns ♪ [ music ] ♪ could be just hours away fro a grammy award. >> also coming up one of the bay area's most respected musicians could be hours away from earning a grammy. we will be right back (announcer) roundup extended control is
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a body found in central valley canal may finally end the mystery behind a high profile kidnapping. >> breaking news from cairo, crowds are getting smaller as egypt's new military leaders make a sweeping move. it is a big night for the music industry and perhaps an even bigger night for a veteran blues man from the bay area. welcome back to weekend early edition the time is 8:00 a.m. good morning i am phil matier. >> i am ann makovec glad you are starting your sunday here. looks like the last in a string of very nice days. >> that's right weather looks like it could change we will get to that in a minute. also political weather in
8:00 am
sacramento. mark leno to talk about what is going on behind the scenes. >> latest information of course from egypt, things keep changing and there was some breaking news overnight. >> it appear it is body of a man suspected of kidnapping a 4- year-old central valley california boy has been found early yesterday morning an employee with the water authority noticed a body floating in the canal near patterson. the sheriff's office says it matches the description of jose rodriguez he is suspected of kidnapping the 4-year-old boy from his grandmothers arms last month. >> although his life was short, it was very joyous. and filled with love each and every day. >> his body was found in the
8:01 am
same canal february 1st witnesses say they saw a car matching the description of the kidnapper plunge into the canal on the night of the kidnapping. >> a lot of questions about the leadership of bart after a vote was held behind closed doors last week. bart directors voted 5-4 asking general manager dorothy dugger to resign, contra costa county times said it has been rescinded over concerns of the open meeting law they should have placed the item on the agenda and given dugger 24 hours written notice. some say shellacs communication skills and she remains the general manager of that agency. >> troops in alameda county said farewell to family and friends as they prepared to deploy for afghanistan.
8:02 am
most are medical workers they leave dublin for fort lewis washington from there they go straight to afghanistan to support operation enduring freedom chef >> we are very excited to get our soldiers mobilized out the door and we look forward to them coming back home to their families. we appreciate their sacrifice. >> most troops are from the bay area. their tour of duty is expected to last one year. >> today the military leaders in egypt dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution, meeting two key demands of protestors, people are streaming back into at that rear square. you can see traffic -- tahrir square. not in the same massive numbers as we saw last week. cars are moving through the area into downtown cairo as they dissolved particle 789, military leaders say they will run the country for six months, that is a new time table or
8:03 am
until presidential and particle meantry elections can be held they are forming a committee to amend the constitution and set rules for a popular referendum to endorse those amendments. >> meanwhile obama administration is trying to figure out the composition of the military council in charge right now. who is at the top? who is handling diplomacy. one american official says quote we have to figure out pecking order the first high level contact since president mubarak's resignation came when session tear of defense robert -- secretary of defense robert gates talked by phone with the defense minister. they are contacting every other morn minister in the arab world trying the figure out as much as they can. >> at home a prominent republican voice on foreign policy is criticizing the way president obama is handling
8:04 am
egypt. john bolten called him weak and indecisive his said administration's approach has been weak, hesitant, confused and wrong. there should be more emphasis on protecting friends and allies in the region. bolten made the comments at the conservative political action conference. a poll of conservatives puts congressman ron paul of texas at the top of the list of republicans who might run for president in 2012. he has 30% support former massachusetts governor mitt romney in second the rest of the field is far behind. gary johnson new mexico 6% and chris christy of new jersey and newt gingrich 5% you know sarah palin wasn't on the list but ended up with 3%, that is not a very big percentage >> i thought she would do
8:05 am
better. poll techs is politics. >> you never know. >> californians facing painful times dealing with that in sacramento as they try to hack away at the state budget deficit. >> joining us mark leno who brought his budget back with him. mark is the one of the most liberal and progressive cities in the state we are taking a big what canning at this $12 billion cut. >> we are all taking a big what canning with the huge deficit we are operating on an expea decided timeframe. the governor wants to dissolve it half in cuts half remaining tax revenues to get them to the ballot in june we the legislature must take action by middle of march. we have just a few weeks to do what would take 5 months. >> let's talk about what is going on behind closed doors. some are not wanting to vote
8:06 am
against cuts. >> democrats don't want to vortex cuts they could be running for office down the line and say mark leno you voted to cut this or that people must be nervous >> i am going to say something novel we ared in mid of a crisis what if we were there to do our job. as gover nor gerry brown said at this point in his life he doesn't want to delay or deny. we are at a cross roads i am voting for cut us never thought i would do in the past what makes it possible the governor wants to match the horrible cuts with extension of tax revenues we put in place two years ago. that is a balanced approach i think californians understand that but to get measures to the ballot we need a couple republicans to join democrats. right now my republican colleagues are saying -- >> mark come on if you are a
8:07 am
republican the last thing you are going to do this early in the game is say i vote for increased taxes. >> we are not asking for that. the governor said he would only support -- >> we have been through this before why is so fast? this isn't so different from arnold's packages he initiated these taxes but everyone wants to get this done at record speed is there an examination going on into what is in this budget? what is in these cuts? >> as i mentioned, even let voters have a crack at this in june we have to take action by middle of march. >> the deadline of getting it on the ballot. >> yes. >> back to politics republicans don't want to say early on we want to go for taxes because everyone will pound them into the sand between now and june. >> we are not asking them to vote on tax. >> the governor is not sure he has the democratic support for
8:08 am
the tax extensions or cuts are you hearing that as well? >> it is not an easy list on either side but i believe mydemocratic colleagues and i want to see the governor succeed california will succeed. >> for the governor to succeed you have to get the votes. here comes the question. how do you -- who gets a pass on some of these and who doesn't? >> if someone is running for re- election they don't want that on their record. >> do you draw straws or sit in the back caucus and say we will give you a pass on this one. >> what if all democrats and republicans too, not just we should be voting for cuts, we know and republicans have said they want to vote for these cuts why are they afraid. >> if we all just join hands, and move together, then no one is at risk republicans for example why just a couple stepping forward why don't they all agree. >> if it rained beer everybody
8:09 am
would be happy but that is not the world. you have democrats saying i don't -- you have democrats who didn't vote for budgets in the past. >> i have colleagues who never voted for cuts in the past. >> exactly. how are you going to get them this time? >> they are in the minority. most of us i would like to say, i respect my colleagues we are here to do a job. it is not about my political future. >> finally this week you are going to be up there and your committees will be cutting it this week. >> i am chairing the budget committee we are convening all day wednesday, thursday, friday hopefully by the end of the week we will have voted to our caucus, $12.4 billion in cuts. >> describe how those will effect californians. >> there are going to be very few if any cuts k through 12 education the governor's desire but cuts to health and human services and corrections and to
8:10 am
law enforcement, everyone will get a cut. >> that will take awhile to dribble down, when do you expect the screaming to begin between the unionnonfederal governments. >> it has already begun governor proposing eliminating redevelopment agencies mayors are descending on the halls of the capitol don't end redevelopment. >> that has to do with our sports teams we will bring you back. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming by. >> grammys are tonight you can see them here on cbs 5. >> there is one bay area nominee you should lookout for just ahead, veteran blues man reveals unusual inspiration behind his grammy nominated album. >> taking a lookout the door, we see a lot of fog lingering around the bay as a cooler pattern begins, rain soon to follow. we will look at the timing of all this coming up in your
8:11 am
complete forecast in a few minutes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:13 am
8:14 am
awards ceremony. welcome back. it is 8:14 a.m. a legendary bay area blues man will be one of the musicians attending the grammy awarding ceremony tonight. ♪ [ music ] there he is, he is not going to be just sitting in the audience he is also a grammy award nominee for his album the well. the title song tells about how he got some unexpected inspiration to stay sober from a little girl who fell into a texas well back in 1987. remember jessica. >> i thought i would start drinking again after they saved her but after they got her out i was out too. i just didn't need to drink any more. >> yeah, so he apparently made a packet with himself when she fell into the well he wasn't going to drink until she got
8:15 am
out and he just stopped. he was born in memphis raised in mississippi but he was schooled by some of the greatest blues musicians like muddy waters, in the 60s he made it to the bay area and unducted into the blues hall of fame. >> catch an upcoming live performance, at the san jose jazz winter fest, club regent, fairmont hotel or call the number on the screen. >> you can see the grammy awards show tonight at 8:00 p.m. here on cbs 5. it is always a good show. >> that's right by tonight it might be raining you might want to stay in. >> when can we expect that? >> i think we will hold off for tomorrow but doesn't matter. watch the grammys any way we will see increasing clouds across the bay. we already have. fog back at the water cooler temperatures, back to near
8:16 am
normal, mid-to low 60s most locations, let's scan the horizon we see fog over the city this morning as well as both bridges and headed out to our vacca cam we see fog and low cloud cover out there. again the coastal haze has been pretty thick last few days, mid- and upper level clouds moving in above that haze layer and the back of the golden gate we see extensive fog pattern out there, as once again the winds have shifted to more on shore direction and that means cooler temperatures, we will expect that today even as low clouds and fog lift through the afternoon we will still hang on to cooler temperature patterns, which will be with us all week long. as we see our high pressure system that has been our dominant weather feature, since the beginning of the year. finally pushing off, moving east allowing the storm track to descend south once again
8:17 am
into california across the oregon border yesterday, just moving in extreme north earn california. this first wave will hit north bay tonight early tomorrow probably more clouds and rain as it uses up all its energy to get here. continue with that mild pattern changing into the beginning of the week and bring us once again some rain by tomorrow as we look at the computer expectations rain move into the north bay, here tomorrow morning and then lightning up a bit before the next wave hits us, tuesday into wednesday and as you can see much stronger pattern moving across the bay could see 1 to 3 inches of rain out of the mid-week event here as we will continue with scattered showers on through the end of the weekend, of course that means up in the high country snow likely as well. snow levels will drop mid-week down to 2500 feet could bring a dusting of snow back to our local mountains, it has been
8:18 am
awhile since we had to talk about snow and freezing levels but we are back to a winter pattern here which is actually long over due the rest of the country will get a break high pressure system, moves out across the east coast here, but only going to last a couple days before they too head back to more winter weather. a return to normal, mid-to low 60s. throughout bay, 70s coming off the map here, and down monterey that will mean low 60s. fog at the coast, and seven-day forecast continues cool pattern, oh, looking for mid-to low 50s by the end of the week as rain becomes prevalent throughout the bay right on into if not through next weekend. so back to winter we go plan accordingly. >> when you say back to winter jim don't you need northern california definition of winter >> our definition you don't need a snow shovel. >> okay you just need a sturdy
8:19 am
umbrella. >> our winter is their spring. okay. >> think rain. >> thanks jim. >> here is something you don't see too often in the bay area. >> that's right. whales not in captivity but in the wild how nature enthusiasts are getting a rare glimpse of this sight we will give it to you as welcoming up. ,,
8:20 am
8:21 am
they were able to get a glimpse of a p the 8:22 a.m. an amazing day on the bay for dozens of tourists they were able to get a glimpse of a pod of orcas near the golden gate bridge. when they first saw the pod, check that out, when they first saw the pod looked like the larger males were on the outside protecting the moms and cavs but shortly after, the pod as a whole moved closer to the boat, they look like they wanted to socialize. they were swimming underneath the tourists got an even better
8:22 am
view. >> oakland's mayor considers asking voters again to pay for more police staffing that is in matier and ross column san francisco chronicle. >> that's right not an entire surprise. jean kwan is testing the waters. it was possibly be in the range to 80 to $100 per year much less than the $360 a year proposal voters rejected last november still the parcel tax would need a voter approval 2/3 margin. that is difficult to make even response from city council is not encouraging, a council woman from rock ridge area says there is not much of a chance of a local tax passing when the governor will ask for a statewide extension and another council member said no way we need to better manage our money. this of course does not bode well for the new mayor who is -- let's put it honestly made
8:23 am
promises to the police chief. >> yes, anthony bass said he would not leave because she would beef up the force if she is not able the pass this tax what is the next option? >> cut or move funds around. she was hit with a crisis. anthony batts stay or go. she is able the hire back 10 cops whether she can make the bigger numbers remains to be seen. so far voters of oakland have said no. >> two thirds new taxes i don't think so. we shall see. >> someone else has a shot but we will see. >> he is not the only musician we are show casing. >> a music act perhaps too original for the grammy awards seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food.
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in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections
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>> welcome back we are showing the grammy awards later tonight on cbs 5. here is one act you will never see a man in china who has an unusual musical skill ♪ [ music ] >> yeah, it is a 74-year-old man he is adept at singing standing on his head. he says it is part of his overall determination to stay in good shape. a lot of practice is necessary since blood circulation can effect balance. he has become proficient reciting poetry dangling upside down from gymnastics equipment. >> i wonder if jim could do that with weather >> we want to see you do something while you do the weather. >> point and shoot is the bc i've got. much -- best i've got. back to the bay area,
8:27 am
continuing through the week still a lovely day out there today, cooler, increase in bay fog but we will look for the cool down to continue through the week as you see, as we head back into the mid-and low 50s. for our highs, through the week, best chance of rain looks to be tuesday night into wednesday, there after, scattered showers to carry us into the weekend as it will feel a bit more seasonal. >> all right dusting off the coats. >> now i am going on my head. >> we will work on it. >> all right well, that is it for this edition of weekend early edition thanks for joining us. >> know the name of your show that is the top rule of broadcasting, our next newscast at 5:30. face the nation is up next here on cbs 5 they will talk a lot about the latest from egypt and beyond >> we hope you have a great weekend see you next sunday ,,,,,,,,
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> schieffer: today on "face the nation"-- egypt, the road ahead. >> good bye, mubarak. >> schieffer: we'll go to cairo to look at events these past 19 days and hear from our correspondents there. we'll talk to one of the men who will be negotiating reforms to the military, opposition leader ahmed se wail. from washington, we'll bring in arizona john mccain of the armed services committee, and sameh shoukry, egypt's ambassador to the united states. it's all ahead on "face nation." captioning sponsored by cbs


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